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Michael Todd Clinton

About MT

The Mission of The Motivated Teacher:

I’m Michael Todd Clinton, a special education teacher from Tennessee. When I started The Motivated Teacher I wanted to do two things:

1. MOTIVATE myself and others to be better educators

2. Bring awareness to mental illness and help myself cope with a terrible life event I had just experienced.

I hope you are reading this because you want to become a better educator. I try to help by sharing motivating and educational blogs and resources. I do this on a number of social media outlets that you can find below.

Whatever brought you here, Thank YOU, and Thank YOU for what you do I am sure you are a TEACHER in one way or another.

My goal for this site is that once you leave it you will be more motivated, and knowledgeable about the most important profession in the world. (EDUCATION)

My followers are teachers and administrators on all levels. They are educators just like you, just trying to learn more about our profession. So CONNECT with the ones that MOTIVATE you and make you do your job better.

About Me

A little about me: My name is Michael Todd Clinton, hence where the MT came from in the Motivated Teacher. Really, I go by Todd. In 2010 I made the choice to pursue a career in education and change from my current field of finance which I had been doing for almost 5 years. This is what my undergraduate degree is in, and everyone thought I was crazy for leaving such a great job and place to work.

Fast-forward seven years from starting my teaching degree. I now teach in a Special Education behavior classroom, and I can honestly say I love my job and look forward to going to it every day (not to say I don’t have bad days as all teachers do). Before telling you about my class let me first tell you a little more about my journey into education up to this point. I finally made the leap to quit the bank in January of 2012; I had the opportunity to work as an assistant in an independence program through the school system I currently work for now. The program was created by an amazing professor at TTU. The Independence Program is designed to help develop independent living skills for student’s ages 18-22.  In the program, the students learn how to BUDGET, shop, cook, clean, on-site job skills, and a million other things. While being an assistant in this program I got to work with an amazing teacher, and I still think she is one of the most positive teachers I have ever been around. Her uplifting attitude not only inspires the people she works with but her student’s lives will be forever changed. I was able to work here until the end of the school year in 2012, before accepting the position I have now.

Like I stated earlier, the position I have now is being a teacher in a special education behavior program. What this program does is it takes students that are not being successful in a general education setting for whatever reason, such as: lack of social skills, coping skills, responsibility, etc., and puts them into a smaller setting where we are not only going to work on their behavior weaknesses but also address all of their educational needs and prepare them to return to a general education classroom with accommodations, both behavioral and academic. These accommodations allow my students to be successful once they return to the gen. ed classroom and will hopefully better prepare them for life after school. In this program, I have had the opportunity to work at two different middle schools, and this year, I also had the opportunity of getting to work in the high school behavior program. I feel this program is amazing and whoever developed it all those years ago was spot on. I feel blessed to have gotten to work with some of the best paraprofessionals that anyone can imagine. Our program would not work without our team and school all working together to do what is best for our students.

In closing, I do not know who will ever get the opportunity to read this blog or blogs in the future. I can only hope someone will benefit from the “Motivated Teacher” or my program, and I pray that something I can do or say will change the lives of students and their families. I am just now beginning this journey of “The Motivated Teacher” and do not know where it will take me; however, I have faith that the Lord will lead me down the roads I should go down and know with my mom on his side, watch out! I know she is asking him a million questions up in heaven, and his ear is probably tired from the two of us. I can only have faith that what I am doing will one day inspire the lives of families like my mom inspired me. –Love you, MOM….


If you have any ideas or suggestions for me please contact me at….. Thank YOU for reading now Let’s GO educate and MOTIVATE our youth!!!!