The Motivated Teacher

Michael Todd Clinton

Let’s Motivate!

I would love to work with you or your school. I will work with teachers, administration, or anyone that feels I could help them educate and MOTIVATE our youth. I am sure we have a common goal of educating our youth and also MOTIVATING teachers to do the most important job in the world. Topics for presentations and training are below. I specialize in behavior classrooms and behavior interventions but would be open to presenting or training on anything motivating to students, teachers or administrators. Also, teachers if you just need someone to talk to and hopefully get a little motivation, give me a call or shoot me an email and we will see what problems in the education world we can solve. Same goes for administrators. If you want to know what teachers are really saying or hear it from a teacher’s point of view, call me and I will give you my honest opinion. Let’s  MOTIVATE!

Presentation topics include:

  • High-Risk Teens
  • The New Day Program (Tier 3 Behavior Intervention Program)
  • Step by Step Guide to Technology in a Sped Classroom
  • Students with Emotional Disturbances in the Classroom
  • Self-Contained Behavior Classroom (How do you get it all in?)
  • Students with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) It’s REAL.
  • Teaching Social and Life Skills – TV SHOW STYLE
  • Tier 3 Behavior Interventions
  • My ADHD and how I have COPED! I still work on COPING I have ADHD!
  • Teacher Appreciation! (Teachers Matter Let’s Tell Them about it)
  • Living all day in a self-contained Special Education Classroom (For Teachers)
  • Teacher Student Small Talk! (This is when you can reach the hard to reach)
  • Starting a School (Video Project)- SCHOOL PERFECT


Phone: 931-544-8524


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