The Motivated Teacher

Michael Todd Clinton


I like to look at the end of the school year like the bottom of the 9th in a baseball game, and we as teachers are on the winning team. Why do I say winning? Isn’t it obvious? It is the end of the school year.  I use baseball analogies a lot because I am a baseball coach and because I like parables, it helps me relate. I am sorry if you’re not a baseball fan, but none the less I hope the importance of finishing the school year with a WIN is taken away from reading this blog.  Any who, at this point in the year teachers have to look at themselves as a CLOSER, whom in baseball terms is the pitcher that comes in at the end of the game to protect his teams lead and leave the ballpark knowing that he did not let down the rest of the team.

In a baseball game and in the classroom, it all comes down to finishing strong. In baseball, the closer must finish strong to reward the rest of the team for their hard work they put forth in the previous 9 innings of the game. In the classroom the teacher must finish strong to not only enjoy their summer knowing they did all they could have done this school year, but also to show our students that their effort has paid off and they are now prepared for the next grade, next school year, or life for that matter. If the closer fails all of the efforts is not wasted, however, why would he or us not want to FINISH STRONG and reward ourselves, our students, and our school?

FINISHING STRONG is critical as TEACHERS. Sadly that is not a given. Many teachers look at the year as complete once testing is over. What if a closer did this? I can promise you it would not be good.

So my message to myself, other teachers, and administration is this, “ Starting strong is good. Finishing strong is what our students deserve.”

-“Let’s Go MOTIVATE”

Michael Todd Clinton

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