The Motivated Teacher

Michael Todd Clinton

A Teacher/Coach Spring Break!

Yippie, Spring Break! This is my favorite time of the year. My spring break was two weeks ago, which it was still a little cold in Tennessee but none the less was a time for me to recoup, recover, and prepare for the last stretch of the school year.

What spring break looks like for a baseball coach and a motivated teacher is this. Work on the field, practice, write, repeat the next day. While this sounds boring to most it is actually very therapeutic. It allows me to still remain on a schedule, which is good for me, be outside, and accomplish something everyday. What I accomplished this spring break was getting to see my dedicated players put in the extra time and effort to get better. It also allowed me to continue to improve our baseball field which in my eyes is a landmark for our town and something I am proud of in our small community of Baxter, Tn., and lastly write on a blog post that I have a lot of interest in learning more and more about.

Also, over spring break I was able to present at our Middle Tennessee Education Technology Association Conference. Here is the link for more information about TETA. While at the conference I was able to set in on some MOTIVATING and very informative sessions on using technology in the classroom. My presentation was over my class project, which you can find in my blog, and the impact it has made on not only my class but our entire school. Lastly, I spent my writing time working on my most recent blog “All Teacher Should Better Understand ADHD.” This blog was longer than my norm, but I am very passionate about ADHD since I had this label as a child and still struggle with it as an adult at times.

SPRING BREAK, oh how I wish I was on it this week. For ONE my wife is on it this week, we teach in different counties so that happens sometimes, TWO it is suppose to be in the 70s all week, THREE it is turkey season here, and finally FOUR my baseball field really needs some attention. Good thing this is not a baseball game! You only get 3 strikes to be out and I just gave FOUR swings (reasons) why I wish I was spring break this week.  Instead of complaining about it, I am going to hold my head high, smile, and be grateful for the upcoming week that I will have time to help my students learn, prepare, and have fun on this last stretch of the school year.


Teachers and Administration “FINISH STRONG” let’s go MOTIVATE and FINISH this school year.


-Michael Todd Clinton

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