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Why would every school not have a TWEET Box! Wait, what is a tweet box?  A tweet box is simply a box that students in your school can let their voice be heard. We give our students prompts on the posters above, but really I get excited about anything they are willing to take the time to write. We always have a #TweetTuesday writing assignment on Wednesday. Just kidding it is on Tuesday. This is when my students write about something currently going on in our class and we post it to our page for others to see. This teaches them not only writing skills but social media literacy and personal accountability for their work knowing that others will be seeing it and reading it, like our superintendent and principals since they follow our page 🙂

Prompts we give students to share in the TweetBox: 

  • Give us YOUR recommendation for a student of the week voted on by #STUDENTS. (Tell us why you think they should get student of the week.)

  • Lastly, give us your worries. The “tweet box” is a safe place that is locked up. You can write things to get off your chest or if you need help with something we will find someone for you to talk with.

Because of the #TweetBox

My class has partnered with the SADD group in our school #UMSsadd. SADD stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions. The SADD group pulls nominations from our box every Thursday to vote on for the student of the week. Our school SRO officer has done an amazing job promoting and encouraging students in our school to do the right thing and to recognize when others are doing the right thing.  He calls this  weekly student award the student good character award. If a student is selected, they take a picture with SADD leaders and get their picture posted to the #UMSsadd hashtag and school newsletter. He has also been giving away some cool prizes to the winners. All of this was explained to students in our school at grade-level assemblies. The officers in the SADD club explained it, and also did a video on SADD. Link to SADD Club Video

A few notes received so far in our #tweetbox:

Long writings explaining why a student should be voted on for the student good character award. A number of recommendations for filming ideas that school perfect could act out. Below is my personal favorite so far for the student of the week award quoted below:

This note alone was worth the time and effort it took to build our tweet box.

A few others from the box:

  • “A student bought me an ice cream because, I am having a bad day.” #umsstudentsmatter
  • “So and so is a great person all the time.”#umsstudentsmatter
  • “I hate when kids, don’t make eye contact just so that don’t have to talk to you.”

Obviously I left out names but most of the time the students will give names. Of course my class also uses the twitter box and you can see them at our twitter feed @SchoolPerfect. I let them pick their own GIFs if everything is spelled correct and it is in the 100-140 character limit. So, beware of those if you check out our Twitter page.

A few pics of twitter box being build.  


These are only a few examples from our twitter box for time sake, but I think you get the idea. In closing making the tweet box has been awesome, from the math lessons used to build the box to the effect it is having on our school now. Teachers, counselors, or Administrators MAKE a TWEET BOX or any type of box to let your students’ voices be heard, good or bad. There’s a reason behind what they are saying. #kidsdeserveit #TweetBox

I can’t wait to see what kids write next week. What will they put in your tweet box?

Michael Todd Clinton

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  1. Wonderful idea!! Thank you for sharing the Tweetbox story. This is something I could see taking off all across the country. Keep promoting it and keep sharing their tweets!!




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