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Michael Todd Clinton

Help a BLOGGER out!!!



To be a blogger, I guess I need to learn to write or is it right hmm?


So, why being a blogger is going to be a battle for me?

My past views on writing have been as follows:

  1. Why would I want to take the time writing it when I can just say it in like five seconds and then I don’t have to worry about trying to spell words correctly. This used to be my view on text messaging as well, that didn’t work out for me either. In today’s social stand if you don’t text you don’t talk or communicate, and those who know me, know that I like to do that.
  2. What I would say before on writing or texting something, If people know what I mean, then that is all that matters. Example of a real text I have sent to a friend they make fun of me all the time for my spelling and misuse of words. (It is wendy today in the woods.) he text back who is Wendy? I’ll go eat at Wendy’s. (my friends are real with me and that’s why I love them) Also, with texting, I am that guy that uses emoji’s, to replace words. Annoying I know, but to go back to my initial thought on getting the point across  and that it is easier to say it than type it, it made sense for me to use emoji’s instead of words, and man there are some really cool emoji’s now.
  3. Lastly, in writing papers in college, etc I hated citing papers. I know this is crappy of me and by no means am I not wanting to give them credit for their hard work, I just hated the stupid ways it had to be inserted just perfect into papers and on the citation page.

It is kinda sad, that I am just now concerned that my writing is grammatically correct. Given I am a teacher, but it is true, I teach language arts to my students daily. I am sure my wife would have loved for this to be a concern of mine before I wrote my 70 page thesis paper with three periods in the whole paper. Haha, I don’t think it was that bad, but it was pretty bad. I probably had 20 periods. Seriously, why do we have to use periods when writing sentences? Period. I guess I will have to figure this out too. While speaking on periods, which are hard enough this past week, the mysterious semicolon was brought up with a group of teachers I work with: what are those, I thought they were emojis, like giving a wink, haha. This will not be the first time I say this “writing is hard”.   While “writing is hard,” told you I would say writing is hard again, as a teacher’s we can not portray this to our students. We need to be saying “writing is fun.” What I have learned as a teacher in the last few years is if it is unimportant to you as the teacher then it will not be important to your students and they will pick up on the passion not being there. I really do want my students to be good writers. They all have awesome stories to tell, and I hope they will share them with the world someday to help others overcome some of the things they have already overcome in their lives.

Okay, so what I feel I need to learn to go forward with my blog and teaching of writing to my students?

  1. Learn skills to become a better speller, I love spell check but it does not always work. I feel I need to practice skills in phonemic awareness, phonics, etc. Also, practice so I plan on taking a spelling test every week with my students. How we pick spelling words is, we all pick 10 words that are important to us and that we will use in our writing. So, from here on I plan to take the test with my students, and I pledge not to cheat this time when taking spelling test like I did in elementary and middle school.
  2. To become a better proofreader and editor. I typically write my blogs and tweets really early, I am an early bird and my wife is not so, I know better than to wake her up to ask her to proofread before I post something. I can’t imagine the look I would get from her at 4:30 in the morning if I said, “Hey babe, will you read this tweet,” oh that would be funny I may have to try that, If I do I will film it so you know the look I am talking about in my blog, I am laughing just thinking about it.  I know what you’re thinking just have her read it later, but I am one of those people that once it is done I want to be done with it. So, being a better writer the first time, and a better proofreader, will probably help me not look so illiterate.
  3. Well, that’s all I can think of as of now, I hope the rest comes from YOU… I bet I am going to learn I should not be putting words in all caps, but man I love to do that to…. To or maybe too or two, “writing is so hard.”

My Plan:

My plan moving forward is this. I want to do at least a weekly blog post because, I feel so passionate about some things in the education world right now: my class, educational technology, student behavior and student habits, and just all kinds of other stuff that my wife gets sick of me telling her about. So, what I plan to do is ask for help from teachers and bloggers that I am interested in to read my blogs.  In return I hope they may become interested in what I have to say or maybe become interested in my mission to become a motivated teacher. I hope these awesome bloggers I’m about to send emails too will read my stuff and are willing to give me some tips on becoming a better blogger, writer, speaker, texter, social media poster, etc. I HOPE this works oops, hope this works, if you read this please give me some advice. My email, I am using for this project is  I do not get my feelings hurt easy, you will understand more about that when you hear a little about my class stories. So, please shoot me straight on what I need to do to become a better writer and if you have ideas  for my motivated teacher project please share.

I guess this is my closing or do you have closings in blogs? IDK crap no acronyms either “writing is hard.”

Help me please to become a better blogger, writer, and word user. I want to spread the word of what inspirational and passion teachers do, but first I need to learn to spread the word in a way that is acceptable in the educational world. Teachers are hard to please, and I know if I misspell and miss use words then they will not continue to follow me or read my blogs moving forward. Also, just so you know I am from the south, so my country and southern way of speaking will also be seen in my writing. I do not want to get away from my roots, but I want my tree to be seen so whatever it takes. The end

Michael Todd Clinton  

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