The Motivated Teacher

Michael Todd Clinton

The School Perfect Project

Making Schools Perfect one School at a time.

Where to start with this awesome project my students and peer students are currently working on? Honestly, the easiest way to figure out what I am talking about is by watching their videos on youtube.

This is the link that takes you to our SchoolPerfect channel: .

If you would rather read than watch, I will do my best to explain the project. A little about how all of this came about. On Friday mornings for our (Funny Friday) writing assignments we have been watching  DudePerfect for probably two years now. DudePerfect is a group of five friends that started creating video’s on cheap video cameras in college, much like the ones we use in my class, and now they are youtube sensations with millions of views for each of their videos. They even have their own line of nerf products, they sell them at Walmart if that tells you anything about how big they have gotten. If you have not watched any of their stuff go ahead and block out a couple of hours on your life to laugh and be glued to a screen because they are hilarious, and you can not walk away from youtube once you begin.

In our class, we use DudePerfect’s stereotypes to model and discuss behaviors dude’s have or really just anyone has.  A common one we have used is the rage monster. Without naming names we had a student that was a hero when things were going good (playing kickball, basketball, etc) but as soon as it went bad the rage monster would come out and the anger would begin. In my class, this is a PERFECT or SCHOOL PERFECT learning opportunity to discuss how to cope when things do not go your way. Coping is a life skill, I feel like our society struggles with as a whole, a good one for adults would be the ROAD RAGE MONSTER. Anyway,  this particular student is now being successful outside of my class, and I am very proud of him. This is just one small example of how using stereotypes in my classroom has helped bring awareness to behavior and that is what creating The School Perfect Project is all about.

“Our mission for the School Perfect Project is to bring awareness to inappropriate behaviors that take place in our school.” Once we act these behaviors out for fun, we now have a podcast where we come back and discuss why the behaviors are inappropriate and other behaviors that could have been used instead. As of now, we are only four videos in, and the students are getting better and better with each video. I am really excited to see how they continue to grow because of this project. (I am learning a lot along the way as well.)-Hence What the Motivated Teacher is about.

Another Goal my students have is to get in contact with DudePerfect. We have been writing tweets and tagging DudePerfect daily, also I have one student that begin emailing them. This may be borderline harassment, but the way I look at it is that it is allowing my students to learn to use social media appropriately (which is so important)  and also it is working on their writing skills and they don’t even know it :))

I think I’ve said enough watch our videos, subscribe because it helps us and follow us on twitter to see my students writing and what’s going on in our class that week.

Podcast: School Perfect with AD
Twitter: @ SchoolPerfect or link
YouTube: School Perfect Channel .

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